About Us

Brief History

We welcome you to The Victorian Parlor, currently located in the oldest house in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. Built in 1841 as part of the Coleman estate, this home was initially owned by the Coleman brothers, who also owned the Spring Forge Foundry, the predecessor to the Glatfelter Pulpwood Co. This brick “Georgian-style,” Greek revival home was once a working farm and from early pictures has seen very little change to the front exterior. The interior, however, has seen significant changes and the décor is of a later Victorian Era. Decorating charm and grace enhance the tea experience.

Your experience at the Victorian Parlor will certainly be a memorable one. Rediscover the elegance and sophistication of an authentic Victorian tea while sharing laughs and warm memories with dear friends and family. We love to serve, try to make you feel special, and will do all we can to help you enjoy your time with us. We have been blessed and have made so many friends. All are welcome.

“Let your hair… up?”

hats Hats!!!! So many to choose from, it may be the hardest decision you will have to make during your visit to the Victorian Parlor. It may be one to perfectly match your outfit, or one to express an extreme design, or one just to make you feel like a lady of a by-gone day. Hats and other Victorian-era costume accessories are just a few of the many ways to make your day one to remember.

Daryl and Paula Senft, owners of the Victorian Parlor

Daryl and Paula Senft, owners of the Victorian Parlor